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SOC 210: Research Project

Introduction to Sociology


Welcome to SOC 210-Introduction to Sociology!

Electronic Resources for Journal Article/Media Review Assignment

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  1. Opposing Viewpoints would be a great database to use to complete this project. As the name entails, there are plenty of viewpoints and opinions about the topics covered. This database has a great homepage that lets you browse for suggested topics if you're not sure yet what to research. Most of the topics covered here, such as the health care debate, genetically modified foods and same sex marriage are all sociological in nature, as well as being hotly contested topics.
  2. ProQuest Central is another great database to find sociology-related articles. 


  1. Films on Demand has thousands of full length documentaries from providers such as TED Talks, ABC News, National Geographic and much more.
  2. NC LIVE Documentaries has a wealth of full length, sociology-related documentaries from PBS series like American Experience, Nova, Ken Burns and much more.

Electronic Resources for Formal Essay

Brainstorming Video

This 7 minute video was designed to help researchers with brainstorming ideas and narrowing their topics.

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